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Free Intuition Guide from Intuition Expert Fleur Leussink


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Intuition is your compass, guiding you through life's choices. It is often referred to as inner guidance, inner wisdom, inner voice, higher self, and self-trust. Everyone has access to their intuition but it is a skill one must develop. When you know how to recognize it, it will be your greatest asset and your secret edge in life.

This guide is a great place to start with the questions to ask yourself to know, is it your intuition or fear, anxiety, etc.

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Fleur is so inspiring and a real thought leader in the field

It was an amazing journey together with the group. Fleur serves both the rational side and the intuitive one, through lectures, exercises, self reflection. Working with others through this was also worth a lot! Would definitely recommend to anyone trying to understand their intuitive side and needs help and guidance on the way!


Well Organized, Excellent Info, and Great Teaching

Everything was really well-organized, the exercises *really* work, and Fleur is an amazing teacher. She really knows her stuff! I also appreciate that she encourages you to become familiar with how *your* intuition communicates with *you*-- in previous classes with other teachers, it often seemed like they presented that there was one right way to read intuitively and that we should copy them exactly and Fleur is not like that at all! She understands that we all receive our intuitive info uniquely.


This course is a valuable investment in yourself!

I have experienced the past four weeks as intensive, but also as very educational and fun... It feels like we've become a close-knit group, and it's hard for me to let go after the course is over. Fleur's lectures are of a high level, but teach you to grow in spiritual awareness step by step. I feel that the foundation has now been laid, and I can develop further by applying all the information provided.



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