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Your archetype is...
The Visionary
The Visionary

Visionaries are all about creating their own spiritual empires. You crave independent and unstructured spaces where you can be creative. The old ways of the world won’t work for you, the structure you’re desiring doesn’t exist.


Visionary- you’ll have to go within to find it.  Remember, while being a visionary can seem like a lonely road at times you’ll be surprised that if you look up many are journeying along with you.

As a Visionary, sometimes it's hard to know where to start. Spiritual tools allow you to get to the next level of understanding your intuition, feeling self-trust, and feeling a connection to Spirit. Here are my recommendations for you.

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Fleur's Subscription

In this Monthly Subscription you will receive a new meditation, exercise and accompanying lecture every month to help you to access your intuition, go inwards and reconnect with yourself. The intuition is a muscle, and it grows with regular practice. Every month is an opportunity to go within, to reestablish the connection to yourself, and to enter your own spiritual power. Here you will find the fertilizer, so that you can bloom where you are planted!

Moving Beyond Book

Moving Beyond is the perfect book for anyone desiring to know their own spirit and feel a reassuring connection to the people they have lost.


Using anecdotes from over 15,000 readings and her own life story, Fleur provides exercises and steers so you can practice getting closer to connecting with the spirit yourself.

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