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We are hiring!



Virtual Office Assistant


This is a remote, hourly contractor position. 

Average hours/week: 20-25 hours a week 

Preferred working hours: 9-2pm ET or 2-7pm GMT+1 

Preference is set blocks that repeat weekly with a daily check in is required. 

Hourly rate: $20-25/hour


Who we are: 

Our mission at Medium Fleur, Inc is to be the catalyst to a spiritual experience for every seeker in the world. We believe passionately in the power of spiritual connection to heal and positively change lives, attitudes and ultimately the world. Everyday, we get emails from our clients and audience sharing how we have healed their deepest wounds and shown them how to use intuition in their lives - we genuinely get to see that we make a difference with our work. We are an intimate team of strong women who each wear multiple hats and are continuously encouraged to be creative thinkers.  


We move fast and love evolution. We move quickly to test and experiment new solutions that help make the business more efficient and effective. We look ahead to spot blindspots or areas of inefficiency. There are lots of moving parts so staying organized, not panicking and strong self-management skills are all key.


We keep things compassionate– always. This means our communication within our team and with our clients. Everyone on the team knows that our work in the spiritual realm means that we also regularly work with those who are actively grieving making heart-felt compassionate communication a priority.  


We walk the walk. We lead by example and practice what we preach. Weekly meetings include gratitude practices and we encourage a growth mindset in body, mind, and soul. 


The Role: 

We are seeking a Virtual Office Assistant. This essential role will require regular communication with everyone on the team in addition to Fleur and clients. The work within the company moves fast across all departments, so we are looking for someone who is not only detail oriented but also a social butterfly and can quickly adapt to changes and problem solve when needed. We are a team of strong women and would love to find someone with the same expressive personality as the other employees of the team. We are constantly looking to innovate - speaking your mind and sharing your opinions/ideas is extremely welcome and highly encouraged.  


We are open to those who are just entering the workforce or those with experience. A strong work ethic and the willingness to invest in the team through holding space for others is crucial.



  • Organize and maintain the CEO's schedule 

  • Virtual administrative duties including but not limited to email communication, scheduling clients, scheduling team meetings, student interaction and invoicing. 

  • Collect and centralize information used and shared by team members 

  • Manage and respond to all clients and press/media inquiries with the goal of 24 hour response time. 

  • Write and design well crafted copy to meet our clients’ needs as well as our own

  • Use software platforms including Shopify and Active Campaign to send newsletters and promote products 

  • Assist the Education Coordinator with social media managing (answering DMs, connecting platforms)

  • Work in partnership with the Project & Operations manager to organize and keep track of invoices, payments, and reminders. 

  • Collaborate with the Project & Operations manager to streamline company workflows 

  • Maintaining and updating current Google Drive and Dropbox folders 

Please submit your resume and cover letter (both as PDF) to

Please have your contact details clearly visible. We are intrigued by Human Design, so if you know yours, include it in your cover letter! 

We really appreciate your interest in this role and the company. Due to the high number of applicants we will only be responding to those who are invited for a preliminary interview. 

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