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April 24 - April 30, 2023

Portugal Intuition Activation Retreat

A profound immersive awakening of your intuitive power

The Intuition Activation Retreat recalibrates your intuition to give you a deeper and more profound connection of self trust, inner peace, and tangible connection to spirit. This 6-day retreat in Southern Portugal will be a transformative week - heart centered and focused on spiritual connection and somatic release work. 


Your spirit and body is capable of translating energy into the useful language of intuition; an inner compass you can use in all aspects of your life. However, within your vessel you also hold limiting beliefs, anxiety and stress. This intuition activation retreat transforms from the inside out, and outside in, to transform what stands in your way to lead a powerfully intuitive life. Together we clear the nervous system with profound inner and somatic work that will lead to an underlying sense of peace and easy access to your intuitive core. 


While releasing the difficulties that stand in the way of intuition-feeling stressed, emotionally drained, grief, anxieties, and fear- you will build your spiritual core, spiritual connection, self trust and awareness of intuition through daily workshops and practice. 


Staff: This retreat has a staff to participant ratio of 4:1. Each of our staff is trained in energy healing and clearing. You will be held and supported directly by Fleur and her staff in all parts of your journey.

A Note from Fleur

I was pulled to Portugal during a turbulent time in my life, a country said to hold a vortex of healing and protection. I have felt this description of Portugal to be profoundly true and powerful. It cleared the way for me and allowed me to re-enter life with an even stronger tie to spirit and myself. Leading a retreat on this powerful land is therefore a dream come true, to share this energy of transformation with you in deep and meaningful ways. 14 years of working as a psychic medium and intuition teacher has given me the tools to help you find your intuition in ways you’ve never believed possible. I can’t wait to share the journey with you!

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About The Retreat 


We will gather in the Alentejo coast of Portugal in a beautiful quiet space. The intention is to go deep within, to heal, and open up the gateway to spiritual access. Over the course of six days, I hold a clear goal of opening up your spiritual awareness and building your self-trust, so that you can integrate spiritual connection into daily life with confidence upon returning home. 


You will have daily classes with Fleur to establish deep knowledge of your own spiritual gifts and be guided to your next level of awareness. Fleur will teach multiple times a day, lecture, offer Q&A sessions, guided meditations, and facilitate a safe space for you to try out your new gifts. You can find a sample itinerary below.


This is a well-thought out retreat journey in which every part of your experience is meant to open and awaken your many gifts. Covered topics with Fleur range from ‘Finding your Full body Yes’, ‘Reducing Empath overload’ to 'Calling in Spiritual Guidance’. The six-day retreat has been curated to move you through all layers of spiritual growth. You will be given a workbook that has exercises to go alongside the classes and this workbook will also offer resources for integrating new-found knowledge into daily life when you return home.

What is included?

  • 10 hours of in-depth classes with Fleur covering intuition, empath regulation, sensitivity training and tapping into personal spiritual guidance

  • Daily dedicated Q&A sessions with Fleur 

  • Daily morning meditation practice with Fleur 

  • Guided meditations by Fleur - explore various types of meditation practices throughout the week to find the best one for you

  • 4 intuitive embodiment classes with Anouk - Her embodiment process is a journey into the body to help cultivate an intimate connection with your deeper self. Her classes incorporate somatics, mindful movement, breathwork, and dance improvisation, as tools to guide you through a fun and transformative series of exercises that focus on grounding, release, flow and inner expansion.

  • Acupuncture to nourish energetic reserves + Acupressure class to hone your intuition  

  • Opening and closing ceremonies 

  • Physical workbook to accompany all teachings and retreat follow-up integration techniques

  • Freshly prepared vegetarian meals with local produce  

  • Transport to and from Faro airport

Room and Board

Monte Velho is a holistic center designed to offer all the comfort and space needed for your practice while you are surrounded by nature.

There are 3 options each with limited availability: 

  • Dorm - $2050

  • Shared Apartment, non-private room (2 ppl), single beds, shared balcony, & shared bathroom - $2400

  • Shared Apartment w/ private room, single bed, w/ shared balcony & shared bathroom - $4400

  • Private Apartment, private balcony, queen bed (*one w/out balcony) - $5300


Layout of accommodations can be found here.


We do our best to intuitively match you with the right roommate. 


Fresh and local food: All meals are vegetarian and prepared by the venue. Example of menu can be found here. Please let us know of any dietary restrictions and we will accommodate you. *no alcohol is served or consumed during meals.

Securing your space

If you're interested in a spot in this retreat experience, please click below.


Sample Day


The structure of each day will follow the below sample day. Participants will receive a full itinerary upon signing up.


Morning meditation with Fleur 

8:15 - 9:15am:


10:15 - 12:15pm:

Fleur Lecture & small group exercise, “Finding your full body yes & full body no”

12:30 - 1:30pm:


2:00 - 2:45pm:

Q&A with Fleur and individual help 


Time to yourself – take a walk through the beautiful property, find a spot to sit and journal


Anouk guides you through a meditation during an acupuncture session



8:15 - 9:15pm:

Optional Restorative Session with Anouk to cultivate an intimate connection with your deeper self.



Testimonials from Algarve Retreat May 2022

After 51 years talking about me, the problems in life I won’t solve… this week I found the solution without talking about any of the problems. I found safety, peace, and love before my talking, before my thinking, thanks a lot for this!!

- Sonja

This retreat feels like I have been patiently waiting for it to fall into my lap for the past five years. The things I’ve learned, the healing modalities I’ve experienced, the compassion that I have felt…it all feels like it has opened a door to something I have been blindly searching for. I leave here completely, blissfully me.

- Ali G.

I've learned so much and even saved myself from a dramatic work situation by listening to my intuition 2 weeks ago.

- Alexa

—  Name, Title

Meet Medium Fleur & our Special Guests



Fleur Leussink, Psychic Medium & Intuition Teacher

Fleur is an internationally renowned Psychic Medium, Author, and Intuition Teacher. Her work has allowed her to meet thousands of people from all walks of life; A-list Hollywood entertainers, bereavement groups, former convicts, and one of the top five wealthiest people on the planet. Through these experiences she witnessed first-hand that everyone is looking for healing and expansion, inspiring her life’s mission: To help people have their own spiritual experiences; and to teach the world that everyone is capable of touching both the Spirit world and the Spirit within.


Fleur’s book and podcast “Moving Beyond”, her Ten Minutes to Intuition Journal, and her courses have allowed her to reach thousands of individuals and students across all geographies. In addition to her work and teaching, she enjoys demonstrating her mediumistic and psychic gifts in theaters and on countless radio and television programs across the U.S. and Europe. Known as "Hollywood's go-to psychic medium's", Fleur's sought-after abilities have landed her features in publications, including the LA Times, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, In Style, and Elle. 

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Anouk Froidevaux, intuitive embodiment

Anouk is a dance artist, educator and coach. Her work addresses a need to restore connection with our own body and nature, as a source of healing, creativity, and empowerment; To remember our innate wholeness through embodiment and the ritual of performance. Anouk specializes in helping people cultivate inner belonging, expand into their full potential, authentic expression and embody their unique leadership.


Is it an all-inclusive-retreat?

Aside from your flight, yes! All of the teachings, acupuncture, embodiment work. But also, the delicious food.

How's the weather in April?

April in Monte Velho, Portugal is a pleasant spring month, with average temperature varying between 18°C (64.4°F) and 21°C (69.8°F).

I just want to get to know myself better, I don't want to become a medium. Would this retreat still be a good fit for me?

Not a single person in the last retreat wanted to be a professional psychic/medium. Everyone was there for empowerment, peace, connection to self, trust & community. I would say perfect fit.

Can you accommodate vegan diets?

Easily! The retreat is fully vegetarian & vegans will have separate dishes. Some of our staff is vegan too, so we’ll definitely have plenty of options.

Could I do a payment plan?

Yes! Once you pay your $500 to reserve your spot, our team will be in touch about payment options and plans to set something up that works best for you.

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