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Private Coaching

This personalized and one-on-one coaching with Fleur is focused on getting you past any blockages, misunderstandings or mis-alignment with your own intuition and spiritual connection. 

Reconnect With Yourself

Fleur combines her ability to read your energy with 15 years of teaching expertise to get you fully in alignment. This is a completely personalized 8-week coaching program, in which every persons experience and every session is unique.

Fleur only does private coachings 1-2x a year, with limited students.

If you would like to be considered, please fill out the application below.

Next round of coaching will start in the Fall of 2024



The Lasting Benefits

Enhanced Intuition

Everyone has intuition and with Fleur's guiding you'll find trust in yours. Each persons intuition is translated slightly differently and Fleur will give you clarity around your intuitive patterns so that you can use your intuitive guidance on the small and big life decisions.

Re-alignment to Self

When your energy is in alignment life just seems to flow! Fleur will identify where your flow has stopped and re-establish your connection to intuition and to manifestation. 

Deeper Spiritual Connection

Self trust is gained when you know and feel you are connected to something larger than our physical existence. Whether you wish to find your power source in loved ones on the other side, guides or the Higher Self within you, Fleur will help form and strengthen your connection. 

Cleared Blockages & Doubts

Intuition can get stuck in many places: the nervous system, the emotions, in times of grief and trauma, and in lack of self trust. No matter where your intuitive flow is disconnected, Fleur will remove this blockages alongside you and open the channel for daily intuitive guidance.

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Fleur has quite literally changed my life. Fleur is an amazing teacher who is patient, gentle and is able to explain things in a way that everyone understands. She is truly gifted and will help you in every aspect of your life.

Marianna Wolfe

Your 8-Week Coaching Journey

Four 1.5 hour private coaching calls with Fleur via Zoom

All sessions are recorded and shared with you so you can listen back whenever you want.

Psychic Readings 

At the beginning of each session, you will have a psychic reading from Fleur to ensure the work you focus on aligns with what you truly need.  

Personalized meditations, breathwork, & somatic techniques

These will be unique and personalized to you and the work that is being focused on during the 8 week coaching program. 

Direct access to Fleur

Throughout the 8 weeks you will be able to email her directly with any questions that arie, updates, or any worries, concerns, moments of clarity, moments of growth, etc. 

Weekly Check-In

Fleur will check in with you weekly via email to ensure things are on track.

Intuition Library Access

For a seamless transition post-coaching, you'll receive complimentary access to Fleur's Intuition Library for 3 months. Within the library you will find dozens of meditations, brain hacks, journal prompts, lectures, and more to continue to enhance your intuition.

Additional Information 

Cost & Payments

The 8 week coaching program is $6400. Should you be selected, you will be asked to make a $800 non-refundable deposit to secure your spot, and we will reach out to discuss a payment plan option that works for you.

Applications are open throughout the year. 

Fleur reviews each application meticulously to ensure that the mentorship is a beneficial experience for both parties. If your application is successful, you will receive a confirmation email with further details on how to proceed. Please note that this private coaching program is only offered 1-2 times a year to a handful of individuals. If you are not picked for a specific round, you will stay on the list unless you opt-out.


If you have any questions, please email the Education Coordinator, Madalena, at and she will be happy to assist you.

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