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Spiritual Author, Intuition Expert, & Creator of the Intuition Mastery Method
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Fleur is an internationally renowned intuition expert, spiritual author, and creator of the Intuition Mastery Method

She has worked with thousands of people from all walks of life, including A-list celebrities, Fortune 500 CEO's, and scientific research institutes. Fleur's vision is for all individuals to stand in the power of their own intuition and allow their true potential to unfold.

For the last 15 years, she has actively studied how people translate intuition uniquely, identified how intuition gets blocked, and created a practical, scientifically backed framework to allow intuition to flow with tremendous success. She has reached students across all ages and geographies with her book, Moving Beyond and the creator of the Intuition Mastery Method.

Fleur's work began as a psychic medium at the age of 18. She quickly gained international acclaim for her accurate readings, leading her to work alongside homicide departments and scientific research institutes.

Currently, Fleur finds, Fleur finds her joy teaching and coaching, believing that her greatest contribution is to enhance the lives of others and to change the way the world trusts their own intuition.

Fleur’s book, Moving Beyond: Access Your Intuition, Psychic Ability, and Spirit Connection

Moving Beyond is the perfect book for anyone desiring to know their own spirit and feel a reassuring connection to the people they have lost. Using anecdotes from over 15,000 readings and her own life story, Fleur provides exercises and steers so you can practice getting closer to connecting with spirit yourself.

<p>Fleur’s book, <em>Moving Beyond: Access Your Intuition, Psychic Ability, and Spirit Connection</em></p>


Fleur and her team deserve way more than just 5 stars!

“Fleur has created a wonderful program! Each lecture provided well-researched topics while being completely accessible in understanding the information and feeling supported each week. By the first week, I could feel the shift taking place that I was looking for, and I knew I had found the right teacher for me. Fleur is kind, funny, relatable, and authentic. She shows up as her genuine self, which has helped me become more authentic and confident.”


“Fleur has such a grounded approach to this work, which makes it feel safe and natural. She is so genuine in her desire to help others and you can really feel it. Coming from a religious upbringing and scientific background, I have a really hard time turning off my rational brain and trusting my intuition. Through all the different methods of tapping into our intuition, I was able to understand what worked best for me and what areas I need to work on.“

Julia S.
Powerful Teachings

“Fleur is such a gifted teacher and can articulate and demystify our innate human powers and abilities. She is truly passionate about spreading her teachings and uses her talents and gifts to spread greater love, peace and compassion in this world.”

So educational and inspiring!

“I've always been interested in intuition, but did not know much about it or how it worked. Fleur is an excellent teacher, guide and model for learning how to connect with our own intuition and use it in positive ways in our lives and in service to others. She is clear, practical, and makes it easy for us to understand and practice. She shares stories of her own life and experience with intuition, making what we were learning really understandable and relatable. And, I'm so glad that I can go back to the lectures and other resources over and over again. Thank you, Fleur!”


You don’t need a special skill or crazy sixth sense to turn intuition on…and deeply trust it.

The Intuition Mastery Method is implanted into a course uniquely designed to target the exact reasons your intuition is getting lost, and push it to the next level so you can actually start using it.

The method combines current neuroscience theory, the energetic knowledge Fleur has gained over 15 years of experience, and easy, practical ways to integrate intuition into your day to day life to live to your full potential.

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