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October 1-7, 2024
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My Intuition Activation Retreats encourage vulnerability and compassion in a heart-based container where profound transformation takes place by the healing properties of deep somatic experiences.

Retreats are catered to individuals of all backgrounds; participants range in age from 18 to 75 and come from all over the world, representing various stages of personal growth.

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We asked participants what they found at retreat…

The direction in which I want to move forward


Felt the reality of a regulated nervous system!


A stronger connection with my ancestors


I was able to awaken a beautiful spiritual connection with loved ones in spirit




I found a release and opening of my heart


I found freedom and empowerment


I found inner power and serenity


I found peace and release


I found my center. That brings a resolve and grounded-ness I’ve never known


I found alignment, stillness, and truth


I found release and new horizons


I found release, heart opening, peace and connection


What’s Included in the Retreat Package
  • 10 hours of in-depth classes with Fleur covering intuition, empath regulation, sensitivity training and tapping into personal power and spiritual guidance
  • Daily dedicated Q&A sessions with Fleur 
  • Daily morning meditation practice with Fleur 
  • Guided meditations by Fleur - explore various types of meditation practices throughout the week
  • 4 intuitive embodiment classes - the embodiment process is a journey into the body to help cultivate an intimate connection with your deeper self. Classes incorporate somatics, mindful movement, breathwork, and dance improvisation, as tools to guide you through a fun and transformative series of exercises that focus on grounding, release, flow and inner expansion.
  • Opening and closing ceremonies 
  • Physical workbook to accompany all teachings and retreat follow-up integration techniques
  • Freshly prepared meals with local produce
  • Travel to/from airport
  • Lodging at the retreat center
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About the retreat

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About the retreat


Hyperslow Retreat Center is beautifully located at the historic San Geronimo Lodge in Taos, New Mexico.

Getting there

Complimentary group transportation from and tp Albuquerque International Sunport (ABQ) and the Retreat Center will be provided (approximately 2.5 hour drive). We will provide two scheduled shuttle departures on October 1st from ABQ to the Retreat Center and one scheduled shuttle departure on October 7th from the Retreat Center to ABQ.  

If you do not wish to potentially wait for a shuttle, you can arrange your own transportation to the Retreat Center via taxi, uber, or rental car. 

Flight information

We recommend you fly into Albuquerque International Sunport (ABQ) or into Sante Fe Regional Airport (SAF). If you choose to fly into Sante Fe Regional Airport, please note you will need to find your own transport to the Retreat Center. 

If you are someone who needs extra time to adjust to new surroundings or travel, you might consider booking an additional night at a hotel or Airbnb before the retreat begins.


Check In begins at 3pm on October 1st.
Dinner will be provided 6:30-8:15pm 

Opening Ceremony is at 8:30pm 

​Check Out is by 11am on October 7th

​All participants are required to be present from the Opening Ceremony on October 1st (starts at 8:30pm) through the end of the Closing Ceremony on October 6th (ends at approx. 7:30pm)


October in Taos, NM is pleasant autumn weather, with warm sunny days and cool nights.

The average temperature during the day is usually anywhere from 57°F (14°C) to 70°F (21°C), and the average night temperature is usually in a range of 45°F (7°C) down to 30°F (-1°C).


All meals will be vegetarian and created from organic, locally-sourced, wild-crafted ingredients, prepared with love and care from private chef, Brigita Lacovara

This is an Intuition retreat, BUT when you open intuition you also access…

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This is an Intuition retreat, BUT when you open intuition you also access…


When you’ve been through a time of turmoil, your body cannot remember how peace feels. Intuition cannot exist in a stressed-out system. This retreat employs cutting-edge techniques geared towards rewiring your neural brain pathways using a body-based therapeutic approach that will dissolve stress, grief, anxiety and fear.

“I found safety, peace, and love before my talking, before my thinking.” - Sonja (April 2022)

“I feel so much more at peace and able to tap into a part of myself I had no idea I could even access.” Alexa (April 2022)

Authentic Self

Identities can be confining and as we evolve in life the question of “who am I really?” can rise to the front. The retreat gives you an opportunity to dive beyond the labels and get anything out of the way that doesn't allow your true self to show up. 

“Fleur, your pragmatism is refreshing and lends itself to your gifts in a way that makes it so reassuring for all to believe in oneself and one's inner intuitive voice.  Thank you for connecting me with myself again.” - Rebecca (April 2023)

A “Reset”

Life is busy with ups and downs, sometimes you don’t have the space to really dive in,“clean house”, and release what’s keeping your intuitive flow stuck. The retreat offers you an opportunity to focus on yourself in all ways, without the demands and distractions of daily life. If you need to let go you can do so without feeling like you’re letting anyone down “ I feel like I have pushed some reset button and now can go back in the real world with a different view of life” - Esther (October 2023)


We heal in community. To be seen and witnessed by others, and celebrated for your true, intuitive self in a community of new friends is transformative. In this retreat you learn not just your own intuition, but also how your energy responds to others so you can set clearer and healthier energetic boundaries. 

“Thank you for sharing your gifts in both a relatable and encouraging manner. For bringing this fabulous group together in a healing environment. Your staff is amazing and I have felt held by the community you have created. feeling both the individual and Collective love that surrounds you “ -  Nina (October 2022)

Safe Space

Each staff member is carefully selected for their heart of service and their experience in 1-1 client work (reiki, therapy, etc.) In this retreat we are committed to providing you safety, and balancing your nervous system along the way, so that you can express freely, open up your intuition and know you’ll be held. 

“I find comfort in coming home to myself and that is because of the space and energy you have all created. “ - Ashley (April 2023)


Whether you call it Spirit, the Divine, Love, God or Goddess-when was the last time you knew it in your bones? At the retreat you have an opportunity to experience the “something larger”. If you don’t have trust in your intuition, it’s time to find your power source. 

“Thank you for helping me feel the universe within myself” - Leonor (April 2023) 

“ you helped me find and raise my spirit and kiss the divine. “ - Tamara (April 2022)

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Your retreat day

The structure of each day will follow the below sample day.

Your retreat day

The structure of each day will follow the below sample day.

  • 7:30am

    Morning meditation with Fleur 

  • 8:15 - 9:15am


  • 10:15 - 12:15pm

    Fleur Lecture & small group exercise, “Finding your full body yes & full body no”

  • 12:30 - 1:30pm


  • 2:00 - 2:45pm

    Q&A with Fleur and individual help

  • 3:00-3:45pm

    Time to yourself – take a walk through the beautiful property, find a spot to sit and journal

  • 4-6pm

    Intuitive Embodiment Session

  • 6:30-7:45pm


Your Accommodations

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Your Accommodations

Standard Double Room $3900
  • 2 Person Room 
  • 2 Full Beds
  • Private Bathroom for the Room
Large Double Room $4100
  • 2 Person Room
  • 2 Queen Beds
  • Private Bathroom for the Room
Private Room $5400
  • 1 Person Room
  • Queen or King Bed
  • Private Bathroom
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Your retreat leader
Fleur Leussink

Leading Intuition Expert & Teacher​

Fleur is an internationally renowned intuition expert, spiritual author, and creator of the Intuition Mastery Method. She has worked with thousands of people from all walks of life, including A-list celebrities, Fortune 500 CEO's, and scientific research institutes. Fleur's vision is for all individuals to stand in the power of their own intuition and allow their true potential to unfold. For the last 15 years, she has actively studied how people translate intuition uniquely, identified how intuition gets blocked, and created a practical, scientifically backed framework to allow intuition to flow with tremendous success. She has reached students across all ages and geographies with her book, Moving Beyond and the creator of the Intuition Mastery Method.

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